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Designed by Pattie Donham Wilkinson A great back-to-school project to keep markers organized. Plus, it's cute! Source

Type of CraftEdit


Difficulty LevelEdit


Supplies NeededEdit

  • pinking shears
  • felt in blue, yellow and red
  • peel n stick tape
  • fabric marker
  • ribbon
  • glue
  • googly eyes


  • Measure and use pinking shears to cut felt squares into the following sizes: main = 7½” x 16”; marker pocket = 4½” x 25”.
  • Cut several thin 4” strips of Peel N Stick Tape.
  • Place a strip of Peel N Stick Tape vertically along the bottom side edge of large main piece of felt. Peel backing and press in place.
  • Peel off protective liner from top of tape strip and press short side of marker pocket in place on top of the tape. Press firmly to seal.
  • Place a Fabric Marker between the layers of felt, up against the sealed side edge. Remove backing from one side of Peel N Stick Tape and press onto felt next to marker. Press top layer of felt in place, creating a holder around marker.
  • Repeat step until all marker pockets have been created.
  • Seal bottom of the marker pockets by placing small pieces of Peel N Stick Tape in between layers of felt at the bottom of pockets and press to seal.
  • Determine length of ribbon needed to wrap around marker holder when folded into thirds as shown. Cut ribbon then press a 3” strip of Peel N Stick Tape on the center area of underside of ribbon and center on the back of your marker holder and press to seal. Tie ribbon in a knot around front of holder to hold closed.
  • Use pinking shears to cut two oval shapes for eyes and glue in place on front of holder above ribbon. Glue buttons on top of oval shapes to finish eyes.
  • Cut mouth shape from a different color of felt and glue in place under ribbon. Let dry completely.

Additional PhotosEdit

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