A great piece for your windowsill or mantle, to bring out the Halloween spirit!

Type of CraftEdit


Difficulty LevelEdit


Supplies NeededEdit

- 2×4 wood
- White Spray Paint
- 25mm Googley Eyes
- Cheesecloth
- Glue Gun or Krazy Glue
- Wood Saw
- Brown Ink


1. Cut your 2×4 wood into 6 inch pieces. (Variation in lengths are encouraged!)
2. Spray paint your pieces, this will take a couple coats of paint. Then let dry.
3. Heat up your glue gun and cut your cheesecloth into 1 1/2 inch strips. (I suggest 8 strips.)
4. Starting at one end of the wood, wrap cheesecloth strips around and glue in place.
5. When your wood is completely covered, glue down the top strips and then add the googley eyes.
6. Then take 1 more strip of cheese cloth and wrap around the eyes to hide them a little.
7. Use your ink to add a little dirt to the edges.

Additional PhotosEdit

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