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Green living, crafts, decorating, and dogs from the Green DIY Diva

I use everything from a sewing machine to a jackhammer to make my condo stylish and green on a budget. I’m cursed with a design style that is bigger than my wallet.

Fortunately I like to repurpose, recycle, upcycle, and make things over because I can’t find my Mid-Century Modern-Bauhaus-Contemporary-Found-and-Funkified-Retro-DaDa-Danish decorating style anywhere except in my own head. Custom costs baby! Unless you do it yourself.

I'm the Mistress of Creative Reuse. I love turning life's trash treasure into something creative, clever, useful, or beautiful. I've been sewing since I was 5. I do plumbing, electrical, wordworking, jewlery making, and whatever it takes to make my vision come to life!

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