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Image is a blog dedicated to "Capturing and Creating Iconic Style and Culture of This Generation of Crafters." Ingrid Evon is a Registered Nurse by profession but a crafter, artist and blogger at heart. She shares her ideas, art projects, recipes and more on this blog. Crafting Life and Style is a platform for like minded individuals to browse craft ideas, order craft supplies and decor, try a new recipe or even find a helpful health tip.

==Something for Everyone.

Ingrid's approach to life is one that seems to find the art in every aspect of her life. She has a wide range of interests and talents which she shares in her blog in a way that is much like her. Her blog is down to earth, eclectic, entertaining and inspirational.

== Fun and Easy to Follow.

You will find detailed instructions and great photos in this blog. You can always look forward to new content, as Ingrid posts several times a week. She encourages feedback from her audience and personally responds to her followers.

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