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Adorable and hilarious easter baby chicks that are so easy to make you can have an entire clutch ready for Easter.

Type of CraftEdit


Difficulty LevelEdit

Very Easy

Supplies NeededEdit

  • 2 round wooden beads (we used one 16-millimeter and one 25-millimeter bead) with holes large enough for a doubled Pipe *cleaner to fit through
  • 6-inch pipe cleaners
  • Acrylic paint
  • Craft feather
  • Fine-point marker


  • 1. First, paint the beads with acrylic paint. When they have dried, bende a 6-inch pipe cleaner in half, sandwiching the end of a tiny craft feather in the fold.
  • 2. Thread the smaller bead onto the opposite end of the pipe cleaner and slide the bead up to hide the bottom of the feather.
  • 3. Thread the larger bead onto the pipe cleaner, then bend the ends of the pipe cleaner into feet.
  • 4. Finally, use a fine-point marker to give your little chick eyes and a tiny beak.
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