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Items needed: 
•5 colorful socks(solid color) 

•Hot glue-Hot glue gun •eyes(no bigger than 1/6 of the sock) •yarn/string

•1 red marker •1 black marker
•felt(color of choice)   Sock puppets: 1.Get out the colored socks
 2.Lay out each pair of socks   

3.Pick one sock you want to creat first.

 4.Take the eyes and place them where you choose.Note-Where you put the eyes depends on where you put the mouth and hair.
 5.Heat up the hot glue gun and glue the eyes on.The glue may be hot.Wait a minute before the next step.
 6.Take pieces of yarn/string of any color for the hair,and hot glue it on. 
7.Take the red/pink sharpie and make a mouth.Note-Use your hand to map out where the mouth should be. 
8.Repeat steps 3-7 until you've finished every sock  

9.Let the sock puppets dry for a little longer.Then they are ready to use!:)

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