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Kids can create a fabulous sombrero and chili-themed paper garland to decorate the walls during a Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Just a few easy steps and your family's party is ready to go!

Type of CraftEdit

Paper crafts

Difficulty LevelEdit

Very Easy

Supplies NeededEdit


  • paper, pen, scissors


  1. make chillis and sombrero's
  2. turn it into a garland
  3. seriously do you need instructions for this?
  4. if you do I dont think you have enough brain function to hold something as pointy as a crayon, so mabey just put that crayon down and go back to drooling in the corner.

the person who wrote the above statement is rude and should not be aloud to make any crafts ever because they make them out of hate and disrespect instread of love and compassion for humanity. Learn some gratitude for being given a mind that can use tools! Don't throw around senseless insults. 

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