• Crafty T

    How to Make a Watch Ring

    February 28, 2011 by Crafty T

    Rings are one of the easiest and quick crafts to create. Chances are you already have a ton of interesting things in your craft box that can be turned into a unique ring.

    Supples needed:

    1. Epoxy or strong jewelry glue that binds metal
    2. Ring Base
    3. Something you want to turn into a ring, you could use vintage buttons, watch faces, oversized beads, the possiblities are endless.


    1. Use a ring base with a large round face almost as wide as the watch face you will be attaching. Sand down any sharp edges on the watch piece or remove them with wire cutters.
    1. Prepare a spot where the ring can stand up while drying. I like to prop my drying rings in the center of a tin of beads. The beads hold up the ring so that it doesn’t fall over before drying.
    2. Apply epo…

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