What is so special about barcodes? Nothing really. They've always been there, and they're an essential part of packaging and paying for our goods. But recently, there's been an interesting movement by some small companies to change the design of the traditional barcode! Instead of the boring rectangular code that we're used to, these artistic barcodes are quite beautiful and add to the overall packaging aesthetic.


According to Yahoo Finance, smaller companies are utilizing "vanity barcodes" to put their own personal stamp on their packaging. The movement has even spawned businesses that specialize in creating these vanity barcodes, such as Design Barcodes Inc, and Vanity Barcodes LLC.

While there are certain limitations to making barcodes, (size, color of lines, and spacing are the most basic of requirements) some of these designs take innovation to the next step! Being quirky, creative, beautiful, and representative of the brand are their ultimate goals.

Check out the gallery of some of our vanity barcodes and their respective brands, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal and Vanity Barcodes!

If you're interested in learning more about vanity barcodes, check out Vanity Barcodes LLC for information and many more artsy examples! You can also follow @vanitybarcodes on Twitter!

Vanity Barcodes

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