Beer Cozy

Yesterday, I mentioned the growing trend of yarn bombing. Now here's another useful and cute way to make use of your talents as a knitter: beer cozies! A little more rock-and-roll and D.I.Y, beer cozies are useful, craft-y, and make excellent gifts. Whether you're a hardcore beer fan or just looking for a way to blow off some knitting steam, check out some of these beer cozies that'll save the environment! The bunny cozy by Gerrijo is especially adorable and detailed!



Interested in taking a class where you can make your own beer cozy? You're in luck! Don't be embarrassed guys, everyone needs beer cozies, right? This is a co-ed class where they teach you the basics of sewing! Check it out here: Workshops SF.

Kate.moon 23:14, May 20, 2011 (UTC)

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