Knitters unite! This Saturday (June 11) kicks off the sixth annual World Wide Knit in Public Day! From June 11 to June 19th, you can find places all around the world where knitters gather together to celebrate their hobby! Affectionately referred to as WWKipDay, you can host and find a "kip" to share your passion with other people!

In addition, Knitta and fellow yarnbombers have also declared June 11th as the first International Yarnbombing Day! Yarnbombing enthusiasts should check out this Flickr group to memorialize your yarnbombing triumphs!

Check out the pictures so far from yarnbombers worldwide!


Will anyone be hosting a kip this weekend? Be sure to share your pictures!

Kate.moon 00:34, June 10, 2011 (UTC)

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