Any lover of crafts enjoys the rewarding feeling one gets from putting something together oneself. Whether you are sewing and dying a skirt or even just baking cupcakes from scratch, doing something yourself is extremely satisfying. However, most of us don't consider making every single thing from scratch--more like an occasional cake or bird house. For some residents of Brooklyn, the "Do It Yourself Movement" is not just a hobby, it's a way of life.

Sarah Kate Beaumont, of Brooklyn, N.Y., is proud to be a very active member of the "Do It Yourself" movement. Her apartment is decorated entirely with things she has made herself, including a huge variety of hand-sewn clothing. She says that her unconventional way of life simply began as an experiment.

Ms. Beaumont says that "self reliance is really empowering" and is part of a large community in Brooklyn where people try to do as much as possible from scratch, which even includes raising their own chickens for eggs. Because this way of life gets expensive, Ms. Beaumont makes money by offering sewing classes.

Sarah Kate Beaumont is not alone. Throughout Brooklyn people are catching onto this rewarding way of life.


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