• Meganhassler

    The phrases "from scratch" and "like grandma used to make" have become synonymous. Back when our grandmothers used to make a meal they couldn't buy a package of pre-made biscuits, they had to prepare them from scratch. Judith G. Klausner reported on her website that when “like grandma used to make” is searched there are almost 300,000 search results. As we know times have changed and many people trade the time they would spend preparing three meals from scratch to do things like have a career.

    However, this is not a bad thing. It is the trade-off that must be made. There are not enough hours in the day to make three square meals a day from scratch and work eight hours.

    In Klausner's post she pointed out that things like home-cooking and hand…

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  • Meganhassler

    Attention Bay Area crafters! The Renegade Craft Fair is coming to San Francisco this Saturday and Sunday, July 9 and 10, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. This is the 4th annual fair and will be held at Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion. This event is free to attend.

    There will be over 200 artists and independent businesses at the event. The fair will also feature tons of vendors and interactive workshops throughout the days. There will be designated areas for crafts and lessons on new trends such as quilling 3D paper flowers. Look for raffles throughout, giving away various handmade items from artists, as well as a free photo booth.

    Food and drinks will also be available for purchase on-site from Tante’s, Ms. D’s Fabulous Catering, and Neetos Café.


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  • Meganhassler

    We all know a teaspoon of medicine helps the medicine go down. But now that teaspoon of sugar can be made into these adorable sugar cubes in custom shapes at home.

    All you need to create these fun cubes is some sort of small ice tray or candy mold. Vanessa posted this craft on her blog, nifty thrifty things, with full instructions and pictures. With water, sugar, a bowl, a teaspoon, and some sort of tray you can make your sugar into any shape you want.

    These are perfect for adding to coffee or tea. The sugar cubes would also be a great addition to any party and your guests are sure to notice the fancy sugar.

    Check out Vanessa's blog for the directions on how to make these DIY sugar cubes on nifty thrifty things.


    • nifty thrifty things
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  • Meganhassler

    Summer is here! With beach days and pool parties we want crafts that we can take with us on our summer adventures. These bright, portable coasters from Molly's sketchbook, a section on The Purl Bee website, are the perfect project to kick off your summer!

    Using felt makes these coasters easy for hand sewing and sewn to last. Molly explained that because the coasters are hand sewn each one is unique and the bright colors remind her of real citrus fruit.

    This project does not require a lot of materials. All you need is brightly colored felt, embroidery thread, scissors, a sewing needle, and pins. The Purl Soho store sells bundles of felt online, Molly used the spring felt bundle for this project. The template for the project is available for f…

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  • Meganhassler

    Pixelated images are generally not something artists strive for. But then Samuel Cox and Justin LaRosa are no ordinary artists. The crafting impresarios over at Lotus Events have brought us Samuel and Justin's latest collaboration: pixelated letterprints.

    Samuel Cox and Justin LaRosa use lego blocks to create the pixelated prints sold on their big cartel store, Physical Fiction. They offer a number of prints and will do commissioned pieces.

    What is your favorite piece of pixel art? Do you do any letterprint work? Tell us in the comments!

    Check out some pictures of their work:

    • Lotus Events
    • Physical Fiction
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