Vanessa used brown and granulated sugar for a variety of adorable sugar cubes.

We all know a teaspoon of medicine helps the medicine go down. But now that teaspoon of sugar can be made into these adorable sugar cubes in custom shapes at home.

All you need to create these fun cubes is some sort of small ice tray or candy mold. Vanessa posted this craft on her blog, nifty thrifty things, with full instructions and pictures. With water, sugar, a bowl, a teaspoon, and some sort of tray you can make your sugar into any shape you want.

These are perfect for adding to coffee or tea. The sugar cubes would also be a great addition to any party and your guests are sure to notice the fancy sugar.

Check out Vanessa's blog for the directions on how to make these DIY sugar cubes on nifty thrifty things.


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