Resin Jewelry Making by Katherine Swift

So your response has been so positive and overwhelming!  My very first book entitled Resin Jewelry Making has been an Amazon best seller!  Since the book first went on sale in September, it has been downloaded over 7000 times.  Wow, that's a lot of future resinistas!  I've gotten lots of questions about the book, so here are what y'all have asked me the most:

Why did you write this book?

Fame, fortune and a chance to be on David Letterman.  Okay, just kidding.  The simple answer is it was just the 'next thing to do'.  In helping fans and customers, I saw that many of you have the same questions and problems when it comes to making resin jewelry and crafts.  Writing the book was the best way I saw to help you with your resin crafting endeavors.

Where can I buy the book?

Click these links:

Amazon Kindle  If you're outside the United States, please go to the Amazon for your region and enter the search terms 'resin jewelry making Katherine Swift'.

Barnes and Noble Nook

iTunes store is forthcoming

I don't have an e-reader.  How can I get the book?

More than likely, you can download the Kindle app for your phone or tablet.  You can even get the Kindle app for your desktop computer.  The best part is that these apps are free.  Click here to find the Kindle app for your device or computer.

How about a PDF?  Can't I just get a PDF?

Sure!  You can buy a downloadable (and printable!) PDF copy directly from Resin Obsession.

I'm super old school.  I want an acutal paper and ink book.  Are you going to print copies?

Yes, eventually.  My hope is to have actual physical books available for purchase in late winter.

So you're giving away free copies??

Yes!  Normally, the book is $7.99, but if you purchase a copy from during the month of December, it is 50 percent off or FREE with any purchase of $25 or more.  Details here.

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